A genius taken for a dummy!

In musical  notes composing
Ethiopia’s giant
Saint Yared , irate, once
Opted to run away
From an ecclesiastical school
Dubbed by his priest teacher
An idiot and a fool
Worse still
Looked down and ridiculed
By class mates, not cool.

Desirous to to burn his boat
He Trekked past a forest
And a pool
Determined never
To see those
Who cherish to pull
Over his eyes the wool.

Tired,he took a rest
By a tree shade
“I am good for nothing!”
Resonating in his head.

He continued
To lament his fate
Unaware God
Has a plan
To make him great.

While battling
To forget his pain
He saw a God-sent worm
Trying to climb a tree
Again and again in vain!

To his surprise
The undaunted worm
Didn’t fight shy
In its seventh trial it
Managed to climb
The tree high
To enjoy the fruits laden
On the boughs
Outstretched to the sky!

Drawing a lesson
Saint Yared
Returned back to school
To out smart all
Who took him for
An dummy and a fool!

At long last he
Pioneered in composing
Ten path breaking
Musical notes that
Have no match
By any of, to date,
Succeeded batch!

Strange as it may appear,
Oblivious to
The unintentional
Piercing of his foot
By a king’s spear,
His ear
To angels’ orchestra to God
Engrossed, he was seen
With a similar passion
Praising the Lord!

Based on a true story! Google and read .Saint Yared,musical composer from Ethiopia.


A far cry from

On Christmas, when we mark
The saviour’s birth, taking
The night out for a non stop bout
Running amok round the clock
Is a far cry from Christendom!

Christ is not risen for the season.
Oblivious to ” Give one if you have two”
Hoarding 20 pairs of shoes
Under a lock
While others walk
Even without a sock
In Christendom doesn’t work !

Don’t you think we have to visit
The imprisoned and sick?
Also be polite & considerate
With others when we speak!

Humble, Christ was born in a barn
So that modesty show we can!

Christmas conveys a message
Past description about God’s incarnation,
In the miracle, Saint Mary deserves
No less attention!