What do I care?

Ravishingly beautiful
On top of that
God-fearing and cool!
What do I care
Electrified and petrified
Unable to resist her pull
At a loss how
My senses to pool
Up on catching her sight,
A wind-beaten leaf,
Shaking all over
I prove a fool?

Sight love with


The acid test of love’s intensity

“Even for a fraction of a second
You, I don’t want  to miss!
In dancing attendance on you
I will never be remiss!”

This was your pledge
When in an eye-opener
Romance we were on
The same page.

Also it was your
Wont uttering
“Allow me please,
Now and then,
On your dainty lips
To plant a kiss!”

Putting at risk my health
Passing through
The valley of death
I gave you an offspring
Which we found
A miraculous
And strange thing!

When fantasies
To responsibility
Ceded place
You made a habit
Driving me
To the end of
My patience!
You drop to a pub
For quick once
With  your bachelor friends,
Who affectation-packed affection
On you dance!

I don’t think
You will lack
“Quick you have
To get back on track!”

Standing firm
And close by a  lactating spouse
In the teeth of responsibility
Also adversity
Is the acid test of
Love’s intensity!

You must not jump ship
The cream of the cake
After you did sip!

The feeling of a woman irritated by her husband a year latter from her marriage

Fresh 2 decades later

Although fate,
Distance and time
Cruelly put asunder
You an indifferent girl
And I a self concious
Boy lover
Two decades later,
Lately ,I saw you
A mesmeric lady
With a son
And a daughter,
Full of life
And laughter.

Once again
Your voice
In my cloud
Shrouded heart
Rang a bell
To a paradise
That could
Change a hell.

Your sunrise
“I know you exist!” smile
Still has power
Me the cantankerous
To beguile!

Alighting from
Ultra-modern car,
Transfixed, I saw you
Recede far!//

Timeless sight love

Mary’s Burden(By Elenor Frajeon) /Translation In Amharic/ የሜሪ ሸክም(Poem by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos)


My baby, my burden,
Tomorrow the morn
I shall go lighter
And you will be born.
I shall go lighter
And heavier too
For seeing the burden
That falls up on you
The burden of love
The burden of pain
I’ll see you bear both
Among men once again.
Tomorrow you’ll bear it
Your burden alone,
Tonight you have no burden
That is not my own.
My baby my burden
Tomorrow the morn
I shall go lighter
And you will be born.//

የሜሪ ሸክም

ልጄ የኔ ሸክም የኔዳ
ነገ በማለዳ
እፎይ እላለሁ
አንተን እገላገላለሁ፣
ግና አንተን ብገላገልም
ሸክሜ አይቀልም
ምክኒያቱም ሳስበው
ያንን ሁሉ ጭንቅ
አንተን የሚጠብቅ
እላለሁኝ ሥቅቅ!
የፍቅርን ሸክም
የስቃይን ሸክም
በፅናት ሁለቱንም
አያለሁ ከሰውልጆች ጎራ
ዳግም ስትጋራ!
ነገ ብቻህን
ትጋፈታጣለህ ሸክምህን
ግና ማምሻውን
የኔ የማይሆን ምንም
ሸክም የለህም!
(ኢሌኖር ፍራጂዮን)