One,all that brought


(2 April 2014)

GRD’s third Birthday

When we Celebrate today,

We reaffirm

Every sacrifice to pay,

For instance say

Forgoing breakfast

Or saving from

An extravagant holiday

Firm a financial backbone

To stay!

As hydro power

GRD  is due to feed

To the neighborhood,

The benefit to be derived

Is of national,regional

And global indeed!

GRD,one Ethiopians

That brought

GRD,one riparian countries

That brought

And timely the global

Community saw fit,

Is a plant

Lauded environment Smart!

GRD’s materialization

Is our Great expectation!

As Ethiopia holds

Lower riparian countries dear,

They have no reason

To entertain fear!

One thing has to be clear

To all far and near

If peacefully approached

Ethiopia makes a genuine friend!

(By Alem Hailu)