By Alem Hailu

Tearing off
Imperialists’ mantle
True to his name Fidel
He had lit
To the oppressed mass
And to those in the dark
An eternal candle.

Weighing things from
Fraternity’s angle
And the truth,
Fidel was not remiss
In dispatching own troops
In far off beyonds
To fortify for freedom
Mounted battle.

Considerate Fidel had taught
Innumerable orphans,
Whose combatant fathers lost.

Frowning up on
Amassing personal wealth,
He was building
The human power
Of the 3rd world like Ethiopia,
Among others,
In agriculture and health!

To glittering things
While many leaders worried
To hanker for personal gain,
Fidel Castro,magnanimous,
Opted to assuage
The marginalized’s pain.

For doing so
The shameless&bloodsucker;
Imperialists were trying
To kill him again and again.
Yes, Fidle was their bane!

Though Fidel is no more
His legacy we shall live to adore!//

Fiedel Castro was a true friend of Ethiopia!


ome to Ethiopia

If nostalgia beset your mind
Come to Ethiopia
A cradle of mankind!

Come to Ethiopia
With no hesitation
Ancient civilization
Will engross your attention!

Before identity quest
You smother
Come to Ethiopia ’cause
Lucy, your  great,
Great grandmother
You could watch closer!
A melting pot of
Over 80 ethnic groups,who
With cordial hospitality,
Will embrace you
Without standing to ceremony
Or formality.

Come to Ethiopia
A mosaic of culture
A true place for adventure!

If you need
An original taste of
Coffee Arabica
Come to Ethiopia
A beacon light to Africa
To freedom fighters
Up to Latin America.

Come to Ethiopia
You will meet there
People who have to borrow
Valour from no where!

Come to Ethiopia
Triggering off no
Feelings of discomfort
Mosques churches abut.

Come to Ethiopia
In a way description that defy
A church by Muslims names go by!

Come to Ethiopia
An exemplary country
To deter common enemy
To spur development
In a spectacular bent
Muslims and Christians unite!

Come to Ethiopia
Whose name on the bible
Times beyond number
Is mentioned.

Come to Ethiopia
For his persecuted
Followers, the Prophet
Mohammed a high-heaven marked!

Come to Ethiopia
Now on the path of renaissance
Mutual regional growth and
A sustainable  peace
Are whose unwavering stance!

Come to Ethiopia
A country with its own
Alphabet and calendar!
Of course you will wonder
when you get
Yourself eight years younger!

Come to Ethiopia
To feast your eyes
On breathtaking water falls
Scenery and greenery
God-hand-made caves
Endemic animals and birds
Live volcanoes
Obelisks and
Rock-hewn churches.

Come to Ethiopia
Aside from adventure,
You could collect
Invincible athletes
And successful Olympians’
Your souvenir picture
With them you may capture!
Of course
You can board ‘Ethiopian’
That was there when
The horizon of history
We scan.

Come to Ethiopia
The celebration of
The finding of the true cross
The pilgrimage
To Sheik Hussein Mosque
And epiphany
Have no parallels by any!

Come to Ethiopia
To enjoy
A Teff-made
Flat bread organic
Found not carcinogenic!
You will gather
Like coffee
Teff and its bread chemistry
Age-old, with it, that were there,
Are blessings
To the rest of the world
Ethiopia Proffer!

Come to Ethiopia
If you want to understand
As to what is meant
By black pride!

By Alem Hailu G/Kristos

One,all that brought


(2 April 2014)

GRD’s third Birthday

When we Celebrate today,

We reaffirm

Every sacrifice to pay,

For instance say

Forgoing breakfast

Or saving from

An extravagant holiday

Firm a financial backbone

To stay!

As hydro power

GRD  is due to feed

To the neighborhood,

The benefit to be derived

Is of national,regional

And global indeed!

GRD,one Ethiopians

That brought

GRD,one riparian countries

That brought

And timely the global

Community saw fit,

Is a plant

Lauded environment Smart!

GRD’s materialization

Is our Great expectation!

As Ethiopia holds

Lower riparian countries dear,

They have no reason

To entertain fear!

One thing has to be clear

To all far and near

If peacefully approached

Ethiopia makes a genuine friend!

(By Alem Hailu)

GRD is of National,Regional and Global importance


Subject to a vicious cycle of drought for long, the agrarian state Ethiopia was heavily dependent on foreign aids to rescue the lives of its people some of which breathe their last before salivation arrives from some quarters. The country had no option than dependency syndrome.

Owing to this tragic phenomena, its untapped natural resources and best images notwithstanding, coining the country’s image with hunger and famine, lexicographers were using Ethiopia as a typical example to drought. Reportedly, abroad, pointing fingers at Ethiopians as famished people was not an uncommon thing.

Also for want of the right policy mix that lends impetus to its development,civil wars that assailed the country,lack of skilled personnel, lack of self confidence in indigenous capacity,the absence of sagacious leaders, lack of international donors who without taking sides extend help discerning facts on the ground, undeveloped financial muscle and opportune moment Ethiopia, lagging far behind, was a spectator of others’ development.

Now fed up with wallowing in the quagmire of poverty and knocking on the door of donor organizations,bracing up for turning itself round, this ancient country is striving to cruise its ship of development from a murky to a calm water.

During the past two decades the country was laying the groundwork that allows it a breakaway from a recipient of aid. It has put its foot down to ensuring its survival, like a creeper, winding itself on donors.

Modernizing the agriculture sector now the driving engine of the economy, multiplying over yields and ensuring food self sufficiency Ethiopia is bracing up to leapfrog to higher levels of industrialization. It hunger for hydro power that feeds electricity to the ever increasing number of industries in the country therefore goes without saying.

As is the case in other parts of the world the country is also experiencing a boom in population,another challenge for its food-self sufficiency and development. Hence allowing Blue Nile leave its mother land without rendering its service to it– generating hydro power– is no longer acceptable.

It is against this backdrop cognizant it has to put such trend behind it, openly discussing and mobilizing its people, building its financial muscle and indigenous capacity as well as giving room to mutual regional growth Ethiopia set out to build the Grand Renaissance Dam(GRD), the 3rd year anniversary of which is due and which is also 32 % through.

Ethiopian engineers and other experts deployed at the site are working round the clock to realize the hydro power plant that helps see off poverty from Ethiopia and create a launching pad for industrialization thereby heralding regional deliverance and clicking.

Here, in extirpating poverty, the mixing of the government and citizens like milk and water is worthy noting as it has a double message to friends and otherwise. It is this fact the committee comprising a cross section of the society and established to see to the actualization of the dam underscored last Friday.

Citizens as never before are backing up the GRD project with financial and labor assistance and expertise. The mass media is unfailingly carrying across developments on the GRD. Writers and artists are further mobilizing the public,encouraging the government to press ahead with its plan and portraying to the international community the true intent of the dam.

To bar the door for ambiguity or confusion that emanates from the misguided information the lower riparian countries harp on, the Addis AbabaUniversity has been conducting awareness deepening symposiums.

Reportedly in the sphere of diplomacy laudable achievements are being registered in Khartoum. Telling on concurrence of interest, even Egyptians are seen sponsoring similar cultural events jointly organized by Ethiopia and Sudan. At the end as it is scientific analysis that takes the upper hand over political rhetoric, to win the favor of our Egyptian brothers and to reverse the tide of the propaganda campaign of Egyptian politicians and less true experts such symposiums must be made a point. To out reach many a lot remains to be done in public diplomacy taking on board religious fathers among others.

Opposition party members here that were underplaying the GRD seeing the filling of the dam with concrete and its actualization are now asking the government to involve them in discussion forums.

Government employees turn by turn paying homage to the dam reaffirm support. The number of people buying bonds is also on the rise.

Military attaches from over 20 countries that paid homage to the dam this week following the visit the Ministry of defense facilitated to them had noted that the GRD Ethiopia is fighting to realize depicts that in a similar fashion harnessing their resources African countries could ensure their socioeconomic deliverance. They as well lauded Ethiopia’s achievement in this regard.

They said “Ethiopia has both the interest and capacity for mutual regional growth. The GRD project Ethiopia embarked on to carry out by itself to lift its people above the level of poverty and ensure its renaissance is worth crowing about.”

The attaches from neighboring countries expressed their countries interest to take lessons from Ethiopia’s experience of hydro power generation.

General Manager of the GRD Engineer Simegnew Bekele had told the attaches that “The GRD that meets international standards is environment smart as well.”He further noted the GRD that generates 6 thousand Mega Watts electricity, apart from generating hydro power that ensure regional integrity, will serve a giant research center.

Hence the GRD is of national,regional and global importance!” he assured the attaches.

To sum, as the benefit riparian countries reap and the return countries in the region gain are immense extending one’s due share to the project is not a task to be left for tomorrow.

Breating fire into the fight against corruption

The assault mounted against corruption could hardly come anywhere near success if the government is single handed in carrying out the uphill battle. The fact that, more often, this evil act is carried out on the sly makes the fight against it a rocky one.


To insulate themselves from suspicion and to dupe citizens, some government employees that run the gamut from a minister to a clerk are active in vehemently denouncing corruption in the open while foxily taking bribes.


The corrupt have a tongue of honey but a heart of gal. They daily fatten at the cost of millions badly in need of bare necessities.


Instead of tapping the government that appointed them on the back corrupt officials stab it on the back tarnishing its image by displeasing service seekers, enthusiastic to see good governance see the day’s light in their country during their life span.


Needless to say, unless addressed in good time the absence of good governance could scare away potential supporters of the ruling party. Where corruption has turned a challenge gaining popular support is remote in the extreme.


Political crisis results from corruption, one of the symptoms of maladministration. This situation,during political debates affords some opposition parties,often with a bent of elevating a particular instance into a general truth and mud slinging, ample mud to pelt the ruling party with.


It was not with out a mixed feeling of surprise and shock a few months earlier people listened to the corruption case the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission lodged against 42 alleged conspirators in a corruption network while working as employees in the Custom and Revenue Authority. Astonishingly the director and deputy director were top on the list of the suspects.


Here one could reflect that officials who know the law, more specifically the tax or anti corruption law, could easily get loopholes that enable or embolden them for personal ends. That is exactly what facts on the ground throw light on. This should be heeded well on the ongoing fight against corruption.


Corruption, which has many tentacles, lurks underground. Hence to keep it at bay all eyes must be alert.


Here we must make note that the corruption fight must not be confined to government offices. The sword need also be unsheathed against pilferers in private companies like Banks and Insurances as well as NGOs.


Vampires have to be combed out from every institution to drain out the grotesque mindset that has a contagious effect.


Tightening the law and quaffing the lust of the corrupt in the bud alone may not bring the desired result in arresting corruption. There is a call for rooting out the entrenched mentality. Hence the fight to reverse the tide of corruption has to be backed up by popular support.


It has long become an established fact that Ethiopians spare no effort when it comes to national development. Like bees from their hive, Ethiopians are famous known for standing one when the sovereignty of the nation is put at stake. It is not therefore demanding to get citizens aboard the anti-corruption fight, for many are who tasted the bitterness of this social ill to the full.


Regarding the backing up of the the anti-corruption commission by an all out support, commissioner Ali Suleiman, this week ,had noted the role youth and women organizational set ups put in place in Addis is playing a conspicuous one.


The commissioner also said “Earmarking their own budget, religious institutions, of their own volition, preparing teaching materials and letting us evaluate it sensitize their followers about the wickedness of corruption. They are lending force to the anti -corruption battle.”


The commendable participation of the public in the combing out work done recently in the Tax and Custom Office, the National Bank and the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation depicts the anti-corruption fight is gathering momentum.

This move apart from ramming home the ugliness of corruption,it has created an ardent passion among citizens to be front line campaigners.


The commission realizing the indispensability of taking citizens on board in the fight against corruption is working on an organizational set up that galvanizes all for action.



This foreshadows success will cup the measures the government is taking to ensure good governance. Regional anti-corruption commissions need replicate the fight nationwide.


For Ethiopia’s renaissance to hack through the undergrowth of corruption that threatens encumbrance and to save the hard-won wealth of the country and also that of citizens from lechers, the commission envisages to redouble anti-corruption fights in revenue&tax collection, land administration and justice delivery.


At a larger scale the commission is fighting corruption and maladministration without partiality bringing before the court of law all suspects including highly posted government officials. Transparency and accountability in the fight will certainly propel the fight.






We have two options. Either to sink into the quagmire of poverty or drain out the quagmire.”


Former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.