Shaping one’s fate in owns motherland

Natural disasters, turmoils such as civil wars and other push factors force people allover the world to seek asylum in neighboring countries.

On the other end of the scale,attracted by push factors such as an imagined better lifestyle,which cloud their vision from opportunities under their eyes in own motherland, a large number of people flee their country and seek salvation elsewhere. Daring harrowing unfolding, some even cross deserts and seas to find their ways to destinations. Day dreaming about amassing fortune elsewhere, many,even those who are better of here, opt flee their motherland. It is not few that breathe their last under the hands of atavist brokers that smuggle people and blood-thirsty terrorists.

Though migration is unsavory by its nature, it becomes more grotesque when done in an illegal manner. Some become victims of trafficking which obligates forced labor in private companies. The 2012 report of the International Organization for Migrants (IOM )from 2002 to 2011 about 20.9 million people had become subjects of illegal human trafficking and its attendant ills like forced labor. Over 37 percent of this, seven million seven hundred of them, were subjected to forced labor and commercial sex work. Studies indicate that on the global arena one out of every hundred people is subject to illegal trafficking.

There is nothing as dehumanizing as fleeing one’s country and living in servitude elsewhere compromising one’s liberty as well as having one’s right trampled underfoot. Migrants that faced such a tragic handling suffer excruciating physical pain,psychological wound and mental crisis.

In our country too, Ethiopians that migrate to different countries specially to the middle east illegally are not immune from such a misfortune. On the average, 80 to 120 Ethiopians who leave their country on daily basis by illegal and risky means get entangled in such a problem. According to IOM 75 611 and 34000 Ethiopians had migrated to crossing Red sea have found their way to Yemen in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

It is to reverse this tragic scenario and root out the problem the government brought into play various corrective measures. One such measures is the rescue move the incumbent took two years ago to return back Ethiopian emigrants facing troubles in Saudi Arabia,Yemen and Libya outlaying a large sum. It as well had facilitated things to allow them find a niche here and stand on their feet giving them counseling and training as well as lending them start up capital and seed money.

Many repatriates have been receiving technical training and are organized in different enterprises. Chief among which are manufacturing,service,textile,farming and construction. The government has also provided shades, organized workshops as well as facilitated trade expos for expos so that they can manage to promote their products and services and develop market links.

Lately the government is seeing to the safe return of Ethiopians that illegally went to Saudi Arabia and faced with forced eviction. The government is constant in its stance of taking prudential measures to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens. Obviously, the government can not tackle this problem single alone without the all-out backing of the society. As we Ethiopians are famous known for tackling a common problem we must display a similar feat in arresting illegal migration. Citizens could play quite a role tipping police about illegal human trafficking and smuggling. They as well could take the lion’s share in convincing youngsters to shape their fate in owns country.

The Ethiopian government has promulgated a proclamation to prevent illegal human trafficking and smuggling. As the problem is trans-boundary acting in concert with neighboring countries and interlope is necessary.

If oversees employment service is necessary states are expected to give training and orientations to citizens who go to the middle east. A proclamation to this effect is promulgated and the translation of the law into action will kick start after the task of straightening knotty issues sees completion.///