Secret of the mountains


It seems quite a conundrum to hear that the chain of majestic mountains found in Lalibela Lasta Wereda of the Amhara state have for ages clutched sacred and inaccessible the seals of wise men and artisans in their bosoms.

Following the activities carried out by the Ethiopian Tourism Sustainable Development Project specially in Axum and Lalibela mysterious mountains and caves,which surfed the tide of time proving impregnable to invaders, concealing secrets as well as evading probing eyes,13 churches built in caves are found.

For long, they were indiscernible to the naked eyes and not subject to scrutiny. But now as a result of the destination development work brought to the center stage, such touristic spots are coming to the limelight. Introducing the historic heritages the churches boast of as well as the state of nature they are in, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Lasta &Lalibela Wereda is calling for support in a bid to carry out a preservation and restoration works.

During the reign of King Gebre Meskele ,the son of King Kaleb, the three Monks that came had built a church called Eme kina Ledeta Mariam. After a 31 kilometer car ride, one will run into a Keble called Geter Meda (a vast land).Then after climbing an up hill road for two or three hours visitors get the church,built inside a cave. The church built from small rocks, mud and the like in a peculiar way portrays manifold designs. It houses many heritages.

The Eme Kina Medhaniel cave church was built in 532 , during the reign of Atse Gebre Meskele of the Axum , imitating the design of Noah’s ship. According to forefathers, it is built by the three monks after the Eme Kina Ledeta Mariam Church. Inside a huge cave Eme kina Medhaniel is a church well built in such a way that exhibits architectural beauty. Its spot for holy water is found in a darker natural cave, narrow at the mouth and wide inside. Since using hand torches is not that much help in illumining the interior of the cave, using twigs and splinters of woods making torches and adding twigs, when the need arises, visitors return back after observing the cave.

There are sayings circulating by word of mouth about the presence of people who failed to trace their way back and got lost in their desire to check the end of the vast cave. On Megabit 27 an annual festival is held in the church.

Utilizing the conducive situation created by sustainable tourism development project there is a call for making these heritages allurements of tourists. But such a move presupposes visiting, discovering and understanding such places promoting local tourism. As the saying goes “Seeing is believing!” paying homage to these must-sees is a worthwhile venture. The heritages serve students cases of research. They as well allow journalists do introspection into history and explain facts.

To nip things in the bud,before the heritages, subject to the wear and tear of time, suffer dilapidation they deserve restoration work. In this regard, a gigantic task awaits citizens and stakeholders. That is what the heritages speak out loud.

The bottom line is let us visit such tourist attractions,understand history with a sentiment of nationalism and a sense of responsibility. Let us protect ,develop and preserve them and pass them down to posterity.//

Translated From Culture and Tourism Amharic Publication,the original article is written by Zemedkun Abebe.


The acid test of love’s intensity

“Even for a fraction of a second
You, I don’t want  to miss!
In dancing attendance on you
I will never be remiss!”

This was your pledge
When in an eye-opener
Romance we were on
The same page.

Also it was your
Wont uttering
“Allow me please,
Now and then,
On your dainty lips
To plant a kiss!”

Putting at risk my health
Passing through
The valley of death
I gave you an offspring
Which we found
A miraculous
And strange thing!

When fantasies
To responsibility
Ceded place
You made a habit
Driving me
To the end of
My patience!
You drop to a pub
For quick once
With  your bachelor friends,
Who affectation-packed affection
On you dance!

I don’t think
You will lack
“Quick you have
To get back on track!”

Standing firm
And close by a  lactating spouse
In the teeth of responsibility
Also adversity
Is the acid test of
Love’s intensity!

You must not jump ship
The cream of the cake
After you did sip!

The feeling of a woman irritated by her husband a year latter from her marriage

Fresh 2 decades later

Although fate,
Distance and time
Cruelly put asunder
You an indifferent girl
And I a self concious
Boy lover
Two decades later,
Lately ,I saw you
A mesmeric lady
With a son
And a daughter,
Full of life
And laughter.

Once again
Your voice
In my cloud
Shrouded heart
Rang a bell
To a paradise
That could
Change a hell.

Your sunrise
“I know you exist!” smile
Still has power
Me the cantankerous
To beguile!

Alighting from
Ultra-modern car,
Transfixed, I saw you
Recede far!//

Timeless sight love

There is a sunshine in a beautiful smile/By Helen Stiner Rice/Translation in Amharic/በፈገግታ ውስጥ የፀሃይ ብርሃን አለ/By Alem Hailu

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain,
Laughter and pleasure, tear-drops and pain;
All days can’t be bright, but it’s certainly true,
There was never a cloud the sun didn’t shine
So just keep on smiling whatever betide you,
Secure in the knowledge God is always beside
And you’ll find when you smile your day will be
and all your burdens will seem so much lighter.
For each time you smile you will find it is true
SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE will smile back at
And nothing on earth Can make life more worth-
than the sunshine and warmth of a BEAUTIFUL

በፈገግታ ውስጥ የፀሃይ ብርሃን አለ

ሕይወት ናት ድብልቅ፣
የመሰቀቅ፣ የመሆን ፍልቅልቅ፣
ደሞም ዝንቅ፣
የውሽንፍር የፀሐይ ጮራ፣
የእንባ አዝመራና የመከራ!
ብሩሕ ቀን ዘወትር እንጠብቅ፣
ግን የለም
ፀሐይ፣ ደመና ሰንጥቃ
ያላለችበት ብቅ!
ሕይወት ብትወጠር ብትታጨቅ፣
በሁኔታዎች ያሸረቡ ልብ እንዲወድቅ፣
ገጽታችን ይብራ በፈገግታ ይድመቅ፣
ሸክፈን የእምነት ስንቅ፣
እግዚአብሔር ብዙ ከኛ እንደማይርቅ!
ስትስቁ ቀኑ ብሩሕ እንደሚሆን ታያላችሁ፣
ደሞም እንደሚቀል ጭነታችሁ!
ለፈገግታ ስትሰጡ ቦታ፣
ታዳብራላችሁ ለእይታ፣
የሆነ ሰው ከሆነ ቦታ፣
እንደሚከፍል ውለታ፣ የፈገግታ!
እንደማራኪ ፈገግታ የሚጥም፣
የሕይወት ቅመም፣
በመሬት ላይ ምንም!
(በሔለን ስቲነር ራይስ)

Yes  a smile helps us to elbow our way into the heart of others!

For such a little while/By Helen Stiner Rice/Translation in Amharic/ለጥቂት ጊዜ/By Alem Hailu

God gave you your daughter
For such a little while;
He put a bit of heaven
In the sunshine of her smile.
He took dust from
The brightest twinkling stars
And made her sparkling eyes;
And now, she’s gone back home to God,
To play up in the skies.
And though she left so quickly
That your hearts are grieved and sad,
We know she lives with God
And her small heart is glad.
And though your precious darling
Was just a rosebud small;
She’ll bloom in all her beauty
On the other side of the wall.

ለጥቂት ጊዜ

እግዚአብሔር አላችሁ
“ሚጡን ለጊዜው እንካችሁ!”
አቤት ከንፈርዋ ሲፈለቀቅ፣
የፀሐይ ጮራ ሲለቅ፣
ናሙና የገነት፣ የታተመበት!
ደሞም ሰራ፣
ዘግኖ አቧራ፣
ከብሩህ ከዋክብት፣
ዓይኖች የሚረጩ
የቀለም እርችት!
ግልፅ ነው እንደምትኖር፣
ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር፣
ደሞም እናውቅ፣
ትንሻ ልቧ
በሐሴት እንደምትጥለቀለቅ!
ምንም እንኳ ውድ ልጃችሁ
ብትሆንም ለጋ እንቡጥ ፅጌረዳ፣
እርግጥ ነው በስቲያ ከዛኛው ግርግዳ፣
ደምቃ እንደምትፈነዳ!
(በሔለን ስቲነር ራይስ)///
Words of consolation to parents whose daughter is cut short.



By Alem Hailu

Tearing off
Imperialists’ mantle
True to his name Fidel
He had lit
To the oppressed mass
And to those in the dark
An eternal candle.

Weighing things from
Fraternity’s angle
And the truth,
Fidel was not remiss
In dispatching own troops
In far off beyonds
To fortify for freedom
Mounted battle.

Considerate Fidel had taught
Innumerable orphans,
Whose combatant fathers lost.

Frowning up on
Amassing personal wealth,
He was building
The human power
Of the 3rd world like Ethiopia,
Among others,
In agriculture and health!

To glittering things
While many leaders worried
To hanker for personal gain,
Fidel Castro,magnanimous,
Opted to assuage
The marginalized’s pain.

For doing so
The shameless&bloodsucker;
Imperialists were trying
To kill him again and again.
Yes, Fidle was their bane!

Though Fidel is no more
His legacy we shall live to adore!//

Fiedel Castro was a true friend of Ethiopia!