A genius taken for a dummy!

In musical  notes composing
Ethiopia’s giant
Saint Yared , irate, once
Opted to run away
From an ecclesiastical school
Dubbed by his priest teacher
An idiot and a fool
Worse still
Looked down and ridiculed
By class mates, not cool.

Desirous to to burn his boat
He Trekked past a forest
And a pool
Determined never
To see those
Who cherish to pull
Over his eyes the wool.

Tired,he took a rest
By a tree shade
“I am good for nothing!”
Resonating in his head.

He continued
To lament his fate
Unaware God
Has a plan
To make him great.

While battling
To forget his pain
He saw a God-sent worm
Trying to climb a tree
Again and again in vain!

To his surprise
The undaunted worm
Didn’t fight shy
In its seventh trial it
Managed to climb
The tree high
To enjoy the fruits laden
On the boughs
Outstretched to the sky!

Drawing a lesson
Saint Yared
Returned back to school
To out smart all
Who took him for
An dummy and a fool!

At long last he
Pioneered in composing
Ten path breaking
Musical notes that
Have no match
By any of, to date,
Succeeded batch!

Strange as it may appear,
Oblivious to
The unintentional
Piercing of his foot
By a king’s spear,
His ear
To angels’ orchestra to God
Engrossed, he was seen
With a similar passion
Praising the Lord!

Based on a true story! Google and read .Saint Yared,musical composer from Ethiopia.


Secret of the mountains


It seems quite a conundrum to hear that the chain of majestic mountains found in Lalibela Lasta Wereda of the Amhara state have for ages clutched sacred and inaccessible the seals of wise men and artisans in their bosoms.

Following the activities carried out by the Ethiopian Tourism Sustainable Development Project specially in Axum and Lalibela mysterious mountains and caves,which surfed the tide of time proving impregnable to invaders, concealing secrets as well as evading probing eyes,13 churches built in caves are found.

For long, they were indiscernible to the naked eyes and not subject to scrutiny. But now as a result of the destination development work brought to the center stage, such touristic spots are coming to the limelight. Introducing the historic heritages the churches boast of as well as the state of nature they are in, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Lasta &Lalibela Wereda is calling for support in a bid to carry out a preservation and restoration works.

During the reign of King Gebre Meskele ,the son of King Kaleb, the three Monks that came had built a church called Eme kina Ledeta Mariam. After a 31 kilometer car ride, one will run into a Keble called Geter Meda (a vast land).Then after climbing an up hill road for two or three hours visitors get the church,built inside a cave. The church built from small rocks, mud and the like in a peculiar way portrays manifold designs. It houses many heritages.

The Eme Kina Medhaniel cave church was built in 532 , during the reign of Atse Gebre Meskele of the Axum , imitating the design of Noah’s ship. According to forefathers, it is built by the three monks after the Eme Kina Ledeta Mariam Church. Inside a huge cave Eme kina Medhaniel is a church well built in such a way that exhibits architectural beauty. Its spot for holy water is found in a darker natural cave, narrow at the mouth and wide inside. Since using hand torches is not that much help in illumining the interior of the cave, using twigs and splinters of woods making torches and adding twigs, when the need arises, visitors return back after observing the cave.

There are sayings circulating by word of mouth about the presence of people who failed to trace their way back and got lost in their desire to check the end of the vast cave. On Megabit 27 an annual festival is held in the church.

Utilizing the conducive situation created by sustainable tourism development project there is a call for making these heritages allurements of tourists. But such a move presupposes visiting, discovering and understanding such places promoting local tourism. As the saying goes “Seeing is believing!” paying homage to these must-sees is a worthwhile venture. The heritages serve students cases of research. They as well allow journalists do introspection into history and explain facts.

To nip things in the bud,before the heritages, subject to the wear and tear of time, suffer dilapidation they deserve restoration work. In this regard, a gigantic task awaits citizens and stakeholders. That is what the heritages speak out loud.

The bottom line is let us visit such tourist attractions,understand history with a sentiment of nationalism and a sense of responsibility. Let us protect ,develop and preserve them and pass them down to posterity.//

Translated From Culture and Tourism Amharic Publication,the original article is written by Zemedkun Abebe.

A far cry from

On Christmas, when we mark
The saviour’s birth, taking
The night out for a non stop bout
Running amok round the clock
Is a far cry from Christendom!

Christ is not risen for the season.
Oblivious to ” Give one if you have two”
Hoarding 20 pairs of shoes
Under a lock
While others walk
Even without a sock
In Christendom doesn’t work !

Don’t you think we have to visit
The imprisoned and sick?
Also be polite & considerate
With others when we speak!

Humble, Christ was born in a barn
So that modesty show we can!

Christmas conveys a message
Past description about God’s incarnation,
In the miracle, Saint Mary deserves
No less attention!

No to a down slide from democracy!

By Alem Hailu

Before marching to showdowns, while chanting war songs to embolden themselves, warrior forefathers of Ethiopia used to chant “ቱርክ ባይ የምፈራ ነኝ ወይ?” It literary means “Am I to back pedal if I see a Turkish man?” It was during my formative years I heard this saying encapsulated in our oral literature .It portrays when it comes to their freedom Turkish people are valorous and brave heart on par with a lion, for the war song should have been “Am I to back pedal if I see a lion!”

As an invited journalist, very recently, I had been in Ankara and Istanbul to be an eyewitness to the selfless sacrifice people of Turkey paid to foil the July 15 attempted coup laying before and jumping on Tanks. It is the aforementioned war song this realization conjured up in my mind.

From the discussions I and a group of journalists from Ethiopia,Nigeria and Gambia held with Turkish officials,media heads and veterans from Nov14-18 I learned that people of Turkey had the courage and determination of slapping on the face a down slide from democracy to a coup-imposed tyranny. This doesn’t come down as a surprise for me as I learnt later Turkish people are fed up with a coup-punctuated life, which they knew to be an outmoded and a derailing one .

Oblivious to their surroundings, with bare hands, people of Turkey were confronting FETO’s coup plotters armed to the teeth. Coup plotters were enjoying a go ahead from the oblivious West having a bent of fishing in troubled waters—sniffing for own advantages. The track record of opportunists, well known for exporting revolutions and to dos, testifies this fact as already dissected by African experts who saw through the sanctimonious stance of the west. Here one could google and read the articles CIA in Africa(Ethiopia) & Who killed Democracy in Africa(Democra-cide)  by Ethiopian professor Aleme Eshete and by Kenyan Professor Ali Mazuri’s respectively.

True to their saying “We negotiate even with the devil to meet our ends” though they tout the urgency of fighting out terrorism and mounting a concerted effort towards that noble end westerners subtly and ironically support a terrorist organization like FETO, which under the guise of religion aspires to bring the world under the control of an Imam with subordinate Imams created in his image and infiltrated in every arm of the administrative machinery of a victim country. FETO’s people on the top recruit members from formative years to have at their disposal members who don’t bat an eye in tearing down a constitutional order.

Aside from derailing the development of a nation, a coup hits the last nail on the confine of democracy since it warrants a vicious cycle of coup. It creates hassle on people’s life and divest off the tranquility of a nation not to mention its grotesque nature of scaring away tourists,investors and business persons.

Sad as it may sound,turning a blind eye to the reality, some media outlets with opportunistic bent try to tarnish the image of Turkey dishing out the unfounded detention of Nigerian students in Turkey.

Approaching overseas students from their respective countries, members of the journalist crew invited to Turkey have proved the allegation to be a fabrication concocted to confuse the world.

Conversely, Turkish journalists having integrity were risking their lives carrying across president Erdogan’s message to the public to come out in to the streets and defend democracy..

As the mindset of the youth is always malleable, taking the lead in shaping their attitude of mind helps in parrying the swaying of their hearts in an wanted direction. This is all the more so as the terrorists like FETO,which recruits members from their formative years. is insidious by nature. To nip in the bud the activities of those who act underground, monitoring the activities organizations  like FETO with the affectations of religiosity is exigent!Countries must also stand guard against cultural pollution, for that is one way of robbing the mind set of the youth. Whenever I think of this I allude to the book Decolonizing the Mind by Nugugi Watiango!

Unless some developed nations,specially from the west, mend their ways of fishing in troubled waters and least their media outlets prove honest to the audience and the truth, they will belittle themselves in the eyes of the global community. For it may be possible to hoodwink people for some time with the same technique but no always.

Conversely, if developed nations eye at a win-win approach in dealing with developing nations,  be considerate in giving scholarships and prove warmhearted in receiving refugees, like Turkey, they could cut a cherished corner in the hearts of the world community.

To foil the propaganda warfare by the less genuine countries promoting public diplomacy goes without saying. By inviting journalists,artists,sportsmen and the like, countries must show their true picture, which might have been tainted by some media outlets.

My visit to Turkey has stirred a feeling in me that contradicts another feeling created on me while reading an image-tainting article on The Economist June 8 2013 edition(page11) portraying President Erdogan A Democrat or Sultan. After I spoke with veterans and families of martyrs of the July attempted coup that the president holds mirror to their ways of life and ambition I have learn t I have to take the writings of such media outlets with a grain of salt.

I believe Turkey is a crossroad of different cultures—Europe,Asia,Middle East and some what Africa. Also in their secular state Muslims and Christians live harmoniously in Turkey. I think that is why hospitable and cordial by nature people of Turkey are not that difficult to mix with. Here in Ethiopia Turkish films are widely embraced by the society as they are not culturally remote from ours. Family members dining together,extended families,filial and parental loves,considerateness are some of the commonalities I observed between Ethiopia and Turkey.

The country, strewn with mosques,rich with tourist attractions is an ideal country for tourists and foreignness that set their feet there for business,education or other reasons.///////

  Excerpts from CIA in Africa  by pro Aleme Eshete

“Greetings again Professor Levine. This chapter deals with the political issues you have raised in your response. Let us circumscribe our subject. I will not be talking as you did in general terms about U: S, or U.S official government politics towards Ethiopia, the State Department etc. Instead, I will talk about the CIA – the invisible unofficial, U.S government that has been misgoverning, mismanaging through its proxies in a   large part of the Third World, above all in Latin America, but also, in Asia, and in Africa since the end of the Second World War. We all know the CIA is well present in the Universities in the U.S and Europe, among scholars and students. In general while lecturing on the Third World, Western scholars shy to talk about the CIA. They talk about our under-development, about our poverty. They talk about our famine; they talk about our civil war; about our “tribal wars” particularly in  “primitive“ Africa, – as if they were all homemade homegrown problems for which we are entirely responsible, as “free” people. You characterize the Ethiopians, particularly those in the Diaspora as addicted to blaming others for their misfortune. You accuse me of  “Indulging in postures, of blaming others…” With our hands tied as proxy colonial subjects, burning what ever we produce in successive proxy wars, destroying scarce infrastructure, robbing the tiny reserve of foreign currency or gold, in short, mismanaging our economies through its brutal proxy regimes, who as Arion wrote in Tobia (Meskerem 17.) are commonly assassins and outright robbers

Exerpts from Democra-cide by Prof Ali Mazuri

A string of suspects have emerged from history. Let me personify the forces at work.The magician who came in from the North . This suspect symbolises the first phase ofdemocratisation when we brought into Africa from the temperate zone of the Northernhemisphere magic models of governance. In former British Africa, this meant the adoption in

Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and elsewhere the Westminster magic model ofparliamentary govemment.

The magic which came in from the North was the fascination, the spell cast by Western ways.We were mesmerised into uncritical importation of an alien paradigm. This was the phase ofhigh political imitativeness as Africans imitated Western forms but not Western democraticubstance. There was a major disconnect between the imported institutions and the cultural

realities of Africa.

Conviction has to be translated into action

As the saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine!’ unless one develops the habit of visiting hospitals for a regular medical check up,to his/her shock, after it is too late, one could learn that an insidious disease like cancer,which could be treated or nipped in the bud if identified early, is eating up one’s organs. “Crying over spilt milk!” serves no purpose.

At times, even if one feels a pain somewhere inside, one may expect it could miraculously heal through time. And as such, with folded hands, one may simply watch developments. Also,after receiving advise and prescription from a physician nodding ‘Yes’,one may fail to see to must dos inviting disaster.

Identifying a problem,short falls and wrong turns in time and showing conviction for a turnaround is a sagacious move.

“This is not a joking matter!What we are in is not playacting. We are striving to root out improprieties and maladministration,for ensuring good governance is a matter of life and death to us!” is what the premier, a month back, told parliamentarians while presenting the incumbent’s a six month performance report.

It is cognizant of the aforementioned symptoms for surgical action the premier opted to nudge officials at different administrative ladders .This criticism has found an echo in different discussion forums. Though heartened by the government’s wholehearted thrust towards developed Ethiopia and some conspicuous changes, citizens are far from fully satisfied by service delivery of governmental institutions. The fact that the last nail is not hit on rent seeking mind bent is pushing citizens away from comfort zones. Procrastination of tasks under lame pretexts,though averted in some offices, is still there. Some irresponsible officials,miss using power and blinded by gluttonous ends, back scratch with corrupt civil servants and businessmen, rest assured,corruption doesn’t result in punitive measures. Setting a bad example,they are allowing such wicked deeds to proceed ahead. Such officials need be combed out to give a lasting solution to maladministration today and speck-less good governance down the road of Renaissance.

No doubt, the corrupt may dish out pretexts when they are held accountable. Unless appropriate measures are taken on those with a rent seeking psychological make up, citizens will lack trust on the government thinking that the government does not give a heeding ear to their compliant. But the government sees through all and knows everything as it heeds the complaint of citizens.

As the adage goes “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!If one saves the penny, the pounds will save themselves,” checking the proper utilization of resources and averting wastage is a must do. Specially a country like Ethiopia ,which strives to execute mega projects, by its own needs curtail unnecessary financial and resource wastage.

For instance ,some irresponsible civil servants, not seeing to their duties of collecting revenue and conspiring with less genuine clients, force the government incur financial loss. This calls for an immediate remedial solution.

Cognizant of the aforementioned facts, recently, the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority has made determination clear to monitor such negligence and irresponsible acts. True to its words, it has began translating its convictions into actions. Clerks that don’t read water meters timely or illegally deal with clients are being held responsible for their inaction and wrong actions. Dysfunctional water meters Conviction has to be translated into actionare being replaced. Leaking water pipelines that allow wastage of much needed resource resulting in a huge financial loss are being replaced.

Such remedial measures must be replicated throughout the civil service and across the country. Citizens must be front runners in exposing corruption. They as well must nurture the culture of feeling irritated when they see the wastage of resources. They must develop the habit of switching lights and checking water pipes when they leave home after duties mindful of the fact that a small hole at the bottom of a barrel could drain the barrel empty. Specially at this period in time the country is all out to ensure its Renaissance citizen must showcase such bent of mind. While the country is exploring for untapped resources to beef up its financial muscles to catapult to new developmental heights, it must not allow resource at hand lay waste.

The bottom line is though the country is on the right track of socioeconomic deliverance,it should identify pitfalls and to circumvent pitfalls shake off shackles and propel its surge for a better tomorrow.//