For such a little while/By Helen Stiner Rice/Translation in Amharic/ለጥቂት ጊዜ/By Alem Hailu

God gave you your daughter
For such a little while;
He put a bit of heaven
In the sunshine of her smile.
He took dust from
The brightest twinkling stars
And made her sparkling eyes;
And now, she’s gone back home to God,
To play up in the skies.
And though she left so quickly
That your hearts are grieved and sad,
We know she lives with God
And her small heart is glad.
And though your precious darling
Was just a rosebud small;
She’ll bloom in all her beauty
On the other side of the wall.

ለጥቂት ጊዜ

እግዚአብሔር አላችሁ
“ሚጡን ለጊዜው እንካችሁ!”
አቤት ከንፈርዋ ሲፈለቀቅ፣
የፀሐይ ጮራ ሲለቅ፣
ናሙና የገነት፣ የታተመበት!
ደሞም ሰራ፣
ዘግኖ አቧራ፣
ከብሩህ ከዋክብት፣
ዓይኖች የሚረጩ
የቀለም እርችት!
ግልፅ ነው እንደምትኖር፣
ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር፣
ደሞም እናውቅ፣
ትንሻ ልቧ
በሐሴት እንደምትጥለቀለቅ!
ምንም እንኳ ውድ ልጃችሁ
ብትሆንም ለጋ እንቡጥ ፅጌረዳ፣
እርግጥ ነው በስቲያ ከዛኛው ግርግዳ፣
ደምቃ እንደምትፈነዳ!
(በሔለን ስቲነር ራይስ)///
Words of consolation to parents whose daughter is cut short.


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