Child of War/Salomeja Neris byLithuania Poet/Translation in English Dorian Rottenberg/Translation in Amharic Alem Hailu

O child of war, preserve your weapon,
For  future children let it stay,
For they will come and ask their question
What was the world like in our day?

For them, born under stars more lucky,
It will be hard to understand
How could the sky have been exploded
While battles raged on see and land?

How,flowing black with blood,could rivers
Rock,bridges bombs had battered down
They’ll never see it-as you never
Saw sunshine in the world around.

Preserve your weapon,little eagles,
Of many battle it will tell
Of days ferocious and heroic
For grandson to remember well.

ሰባዊ ቀንበጥ አርበኞች

ምስኪን ልጆች
ሰባዊ ቀንበጥ አርበኞች
መሳሪያችሁን በደንብ በቅርስነት አስቀምጡ
ለአምሳያዎቻችሁ በዘመን ሃዲድ ለሚመጡ
ምክንያቱም በኛ ጊዜ
ሉላዊ ገጽታው እንዴት እንደነበረ
መጠየቃቸው ስለማይቀር!

ምክኒያቱም እድለኛ ሆነው ለተወለዱት
ለማስረዳት ስለሚያዳግት እንዴት
ሰማዩ እንደተናጠ በፍንዳታ
በመሬት በባህር ጦርነት
ሲካሄድ ያላፍታ-ማለት ልክ
እናንተ የሰላም ጸሃይ የምትስተዋልበት
ሰማይ እንዳላያችሁት!

ጠይም የደም ጎርፍ እንዴት አድርጎ
የቦንብ ድልድይ ፍርስራሽ
እንደወሰድ ጠራርጎ !

ለልጅ ልጅ ስለሚዘከር ስለበርካታ
የጅግንነት የአይበገሬነት ውሎ
አደራ መሳሪያች ሁን በደንብ አኑሩ ልጆች
ተናንሽ  ንስሮች !

በ  ሳሎ ሜዳ ነሪስ
ትርጉም አለም ሃይሉ

(ሉትኒያ በናዚ በተወረረችበት ወቅት ገጣሚዋ በግጥም ወታደሮችን ታበረታታ ነበር። አንድ ህጻን ወታደር የስዋን ግጥም ከጋዜጣ ቀዶ የደረት ኪሱ ይዞ በማሺን ጋን ተመቶ እንደሞተ ተገኝትዋል)
Based on a true story.During the time Lithuania was invaded by Nazi Germany, the poet experiencing an evolution of muse ,shifted her style from art for art’s sake to life’s sake.She way emboldening soldiers defending their  country with poems charged with patriotism.A young soldier was found dead having a portion of blood drenched news paper bearing one of her poems in his chest pocket.He was pierced by a machine gun.


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