Inequalities of all shades

From late childhood there was one thing that me used to bother
Why my  physically challenged  carpenter father,
Who with contemporaries a level ground enjoyed never
Though in nimbleness than  the fit proves better,
True to cultural dictates, ill treats my domestic chores saddled mother
And heeds not her say though by the sweet of their brow
As responsible parents they were happily bringing my sister and I together?

I still wonder why ,why ,why my sister who has IQ
On par with me if not better,to help out mother
Was denied the  right to pursue education further
While I was given a chance to prove a man of letter(s)?

I remember, crossing many a pool, barefooted, I used to trek
A long distance to a nearby town’s a  school,
Where for my  provincial and shabby clothes I was seen a fool
By the relatively rich  in showing courtesy far from cool.
Though stationery they didn’t lack , sad,I had a hand tied behind my back.

Alas,up on joining campus
There too I was looked down by students
Hailing from families of the top brass.

When I went abroad for a higher education
Worse still, I met many, color has colored whose vision.
Ironically my dissertation was drawing attention
To why should the broad mass be standers by
And with ill-fate marked die
While the favored ,racist and the corrupt few gobble over 3/4 of the pie? ///

Discrimination based on disability,gender(Husband and wife,son and daughter, ).towners and provincial lads,the haves and have nots,the colored and others wise and inequitable distribution wealth. I need your feedback.I prepared this poem as per OXFAM ideals  on inequality
#gender   #wealth   #racism   #inequality   #discrimination   #disability


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