A genuine friend

S/he who
Our amity loves to cherish,

S/he who
The fulfilment of my wish
Has a bent to relish,

S/he who
Serves me a right arm
To parry,towards me,
Inflicted harm,

S/he who
Like a mirror
When I err
Gently draws my attention
To self-image
Tarnishing error,

S/he who
Basks in my success
Than covertly prove
An enemy adverse,

S/he who
Like a wolf in a sheep skin
With my closest one’s
Doesn’t commit a sin—
Which to forget but not to forgive
I will find hard
Before I am sent to
The graveyard

S/he who
Like a cat or snake
A retaliatory measure
As a knee-jerk action
Does not take,
Also  with gentle admonishment
Willing to forgive
My mistake,

S/he who
Without if and but
My inborn follies willing to accept

S/he who
During all seasons
Agreeable or adverse
A chameleon
His/her stance
That doesn’t reverse,

S/he who
That doesn’t
Behind my back gloat
When I lose
A battle fought

When the aforementioned
Conditions set
Are met,
As gold is tested
With fire
A genuine friend
I admire!


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