Forewarned is forearmed


ANKARA ISTANBUL — “Taking a lesson from the July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey, as soon as possible, countries need hack the tentacles of the terroristorganization FETO, led by the self-declared ‘Imam of the Universe’ Fetulla  Gulean”

“He aspires to create subordinate and alacritous Imams in his image across the
globe and see to their infiltration in every key arm of the administrative machinery of countries to ultimately exercise a universal power!”

So strongly advised coup veterans, parliamentarians, media heads and officials of Turkey adding: “Sly and insidious by nature, FETO recruits members from their formative years and sees to their covert placement in key leadership positions to pull the string of Global power as it wishes.For forty years now, Gulean has been doing this underground before the failed coup attempt unmasked him.” They capitalized FETO is a universal threat of controlling the universe spiraling out of control unless checked in good time.

Invited journalists who saw firsthand the aircraft bombardment and destruction
FETO inflicted on the Turkish National Assembly and the Presidential Palace
,among others, and heard the events of the coup attempt from the horse’s mouth reflected governments must not be off their guard in double checking and
monitoring FETO’s schools and NGOs in their respective countries hinting the
need for preplanning to make up for possible vacuums to ensue if nations like
Gambia, rule the banning of such schools and NGOs .

The above statements alluding to the July 15 coup attempt were made in an
awareness deepening discussions, photo exhibitions and visits to selected offices organized for 14 journalists drawn from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Gambia in Ankara and Istanbul November 14-18, 2016.

The country’s politicians went on to note ;Ironically, enjoying the obliviousness of those who claim they fight terrorism but eye at redefining the political landscapetheir way, FETO terrorist organizations on the Night of July 15 had made a futile attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey.”

Also, veterans who survived the coup noted: “Hankering for power, under the
guise of religion, FETO members were basking under the go ahead of the west
nourishing a dream of deposing President Erdogan, who cuts a cherished corner in the hearts of people mirroring their lives and nourishing their dreams.”

Recounting the event of July 15, media officials lauded journalists that showed
integrity in the teeth of adversity. The journalists’ role in addressing citizens live
and allowing the president call for help about the coup, which targeted at cripplingTurkey’s democracy burgeoning out of coup-punctuated- unsavory-political history, had played quite a role in foiling the bloodiest Coup in Turkey’s History.

“Risking their lives for the sake of democracy and laying before and jumping on
tanks 250 people were martyred!”

Head of the newly established foundation of veterans named after the coup said: “Proving their lack of roots in popular support some irresponsible military officials who made a clique were pointing their rifles on the same people, whom they were supposed to protect with the very rifle bought by taxpayers’ money.”

Responding to the question: “How come Turkish government became off its guard while FETO was anchoring its tentacles in the country’s army, security units,schools and the like?” officials said that infiltrators as well as some army officials were muffling information about the intended coup, gathering force by the day, fromreaching pertinent officials who could have used it for nipping the attempted coup in the bud.

Camouflaging itself as an organization that teaches tolerance and peace as well as introducing new preaching in an age-old religion also formatting youths’ mindset,FETO members were dreaming climbing Turkey’s political ladder to the helm though the country has a parliamentary system that could avail them a green light if they manage to ride a popular support.

Of course, aside from the sinking in of Democracy’s roots in Turkey, the
improvement in the level of citizens’ education, the advent of fast communicating
gadgets and Turkish people’s abhorrence to coups had contributed a role in
averting the coup.

To the question the journalists crew posed “Why?” after seeing the general
assembly and part of the presidential palace bombarded by aircraft: “It was to
inflict a moral crisis on citizens that cherish the ideal of democracy plotters of the coup did that while members of the legislative organ were in a meeting!”

Relating to western media accusation of the detentions of students from Nigeria,the officials said : “Going to universities one could check such fabrications or alleged detentions being dished out by the some media outlets. Such allegations are aimed at tarnishing the country’s image.”

Regarding taking alleged coup plotters to court, the officials said:”It is by the
book, in keeping with the framework of Human rights convention, coup plotters
and suspects will be judged in Turkey.”

Lamenting the wrong painting of Turkey by the western media, Turkish media
officials underlined the importance of media that could portray the reality on the
ground with the right historic and cultural backdrops.

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials noted that in dealing with African
countries, Turkey is not a country that solely sniffs for things underground, fuel
and minerals,but things on the surface win-win approach”

Going to campuses where overseas students have taken dormitory in Turkish
universities, the crew had learnt the presence of 10,000 oversees students in the universities.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Turkey Ayalew Gobeze had graced the occasion with his presence and complimentary speech to the government of Turkey.

Approached by Ethiopian journalists he noted: “As per Turkey’s interest to increase trade and investment volume we are doing our level best to convince Turkish entrepreneurs to take advantage of Ethiopia’s conducive investment climate.”

Pertaining to the previous unrest seen in some parts of the country, we informed
them the emergence of a demanding society, which feels discomfort when faced
with administrative logjams, that is also the result of nation’s progress.”

The Ambassador also told the entrepreneurs the Ethiopian government is in deep renewal to make things best.”After appreciating Ethiopia’s role in ensuring peace, the entrepreneurs advised us to fine-tune more with citizen’s heart beat”

According to the ambassador, the embassy is also mobilizing Ethiopian diaspora in Turkey to add a brick to the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam( GERD).


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