Conviction has to be translated into action

As the saying goes ‘A stitch in time saves nine!’ unless one develops the habit of visiting hospitals for a regular medical check up,to his/her shock, after it is too late, one could learn that an insidious disease like cancer,which could be treated or nipped in the bud if identified early, is eating up one’s organs. “Crying over spilt milk!” serves no purpose.

At times, even if one feels a pain somewhere inside, one may expect it could miraculously heal through time. And as such, with folded hands, one may simply watch developments. Also,after receiving advise and prescription from a physician nodding ‘Yes’,one may fail to see to must dos inviting disaster.

Identifying a problem,short falls and wrong turns in time and showing conviction for a turnaround is a sagacious move.

“This is not a joking matter!What we are in is not playacting. We are striving to root out improprieties and maladministration,for ensuring good governance is a matter of life and death to us!” is what the premier, a month back, told parliamentarians while presenting the incumbent’s a six month performance report.

It is cognizant of the aforementioned symptoms for surgical action the premier opted to nudge officials at different administrative ladders .This criticism has found an echo in different discussion forums. Though heartened by the government’s wholehearted thrust towards developed Ethiopia and some conspicuous changes, citizens are far from fully satisfied by service delivery of governmental institutions. The fact that the last nail is not hit on rent seeking mind bent is pushing citizens away from comfort zones. Procrastination of tasks under lame pretexts,though averted in some offices, is still there. Some irresponsible officials,miss using power and blinded by gluttonous ends, back scratch with corrupt civil servants and businessmen, rest assured,corruption doesn’t result in punitive measures. Setting a bad example,they are allowing such wicked deeds to proceed ahead. Such officials need be combed out to give a lasting solution to maladministration today and speck-less good governance down the road of Renaissance.

No doubt, the corrupt may dish out pretexts when they are held accountable. Unless appropriate measures are taken on those with a rent seeking psychological make up, citizens will lack trust on the government thinking that the government does not give a heeding ear to their compliant. But the government sees through all and knows everything as it heeds the complaint of citizens.

As the adage goes “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!If one saves the penny, the pounds will save themselves,” checking the proper utilization of resources and averting wastage is a must do. Specially a country like Ethiopia ,which strives to execute mega projects, by its own needs curtail unnecessary financial and resource wastage.

For instance ,some irresponsible civil servants, not seeing to their duties of collecting revenue and conspiring with less genuine clients, force the government incur financial loss. This calls for an immediate remedial solution.

Cognizant of the aforementioned facts, recently, the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority has made determination clear to monitor such negligence and irresponsible acts. True to its words, it has began translating its convictions into actions. Clerks that don’t read water meters timely or illegally deal with clients are being held responsible for their inaction and wrong actions. Dysfunctional water meters Conviction has to be translated into actionare being replaced. Leaking water pipelines that allow wastage of much needed resource resulting in a huge financial loss are being replaced.

Such remedial measures must be replicated throughout the civil service and across the country. Citizens must be front runners in exposing corruption. They as well must nurture the culture of feeling irritated when they see the wastage of resources. They must develop the habit of switching lights and checking water pipes when they leave home after duties mindful of the fact that a small hole at the bottom of a barrel could drain the barrel empty. Specially at this period in time the country is all out to ensure its Renaissance citizen must showcase such bent of mind. While the country is exploring for untapped resources to beef up its financial muscles to catapult to new developmental heights, it must not allow resource at hand lay waste.

The bottom line is though the country is on the right track of socioeconomic deliverance,it should identify pitfalls and to circumvent pitfalls shake off shackles and propel its surge for a better tomorrow.//