A Hell Turned Paradise

My beloved
I always remember
Once my soul
Had taken a ride
On  a marital-bliss river
Jubilant nothing or no one
Could put us asunder.

But after I learnt
You have sown mistrust
On the fertile ground
Of my heart
When you cheated on me
Wilfully letting
A cherished corner
To a lover another
The quite donning
Ecstasy’s river
Which I happily
Used to ride
Had taken leave
For ever
To uncharted water!

Bringing warmth
To my hearth,
Once you have made
My life a paradise on earth
Soon to change it to
An earthly hell
Worse than what sinners
Expect after death!

I have noticed that once a love partner cheats on a friend,the feeling of the victim is deadly than death!


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