The New Rule of Global Partnership


Africa for long has been a strife-ridden,conflict-torn and hunger-sticken continent. Though it succeeded in riding itself of white colonizers it soon became a prey to some black colonizers, who eyeing at personal gains, were vying for power. Blinded by the lust for power most of its post-independence leaders could not put people at the head-most end of their power drive.

Even fifty years latter down the road of independence some African countries seem far from acquiring tranquillity. Unable to sink their differences in a refined manner they couldn’t silence the gun.

Without putting the gene of rustic into its bottle ensuring growth is remote in the extreme. Rather people will be subject to migration creating a spillover effect on neighbouring and distant countries alike. Colonial legacies and the resource curses are also mentioned as factors that render Africa  a battlefield.

Consequently many are the areas in Africa that still prove a backwater of development.

Most investors prove apprehensive to take risk if they perceive something untoward let alone getting tangible facts about turmoil. Hence in the absence of peace and security African countries remain distant from life-changing development.

Obviously a government single handed couldn’t actualize a swift development that drags people out of the quagmire of poverty. This way if deprived security,the oxygen of development, the continent’s fate will be wallowing in the quagmire of poverty.

Agreeing to disagree, African power aspiring leaders and politicians are duty bound to concur on peace,stability and development issues. The reason why African people are poor while the continent is rich resides in this fact.

Apart from this Africa need lay the footwork for a sustainable growth. But such a growth will be in the realm of a pipe dream unless transformation precedes it. Averting the stumbling-blocks of growth and bringing into play a growth and transformation plan, which anchors its development, Africa has to bid poverty that afflict most of its citizens, a warm farewell.

In the absence of infrastructural facilities Africa also proves underdeveloped to invest in. Moreover its huge potential for renewable energy not withstanding Africa still hungers for electricity, a requisite for broad-based industrialization.

From African Union’s point of view and the Pan African initiative the two elements are crucial inputs for integration and mutual growth. The new rule of global partnership on Africa also upholds this sentiment. The public and the private sectors have to undertake such tasks.

The energy sector is a rich area where the developed nations and Africa could work together. Proactively engaging in investment, developed nations are expected to expedite Africa’s march towards a better tomorrow. Such investments must not assume a hit and run business. Unlike boxing rings they have to be one that fairly benefit the affluent nations and add values to Africa. Creating a global village the two parties must work together with mutual recognition of ownership.

Reducing aid, developed nations are expected to back up Africa’s move to get itself on its feet. As there could be no growth without transformation, in lieu of lecturing Africa what to do, the developed nations could be of invaluable support in buttressing the growth and transformation agendas African countries come up with after a deep research. They have to help Africa create an enabling environment to climb the ladder of development. Hence in Europe as well transformation proves a must.

When we see the relation on people to people level, the number of Africans that migrate to Europe (and the Middle East) for political and economic reasons is on the rise. Putting migrants in concentration camps European countries have began to build walls. But it proves more reasonable to address the root cause of the problem. If not possible to bottle up migration it is quite possible to reduce it via enhancing Africa’s health and education sectors as well as giving a kiss of life to vocational training activities. By defector therefore addressing Africa’s problem is addressing Europe’s problem. This way Africa could tap its real treasure, its people.

Recently presidents and prime ministers from Europe and Africa were gathered in Brussels on Wednesday for an Eu-African Summit. The summit mainly aimed at promoting discussion between the two continents– Europe and Africa.

Here,Monday evening the Polish Embassy in collaboration with a Polish investor had thrown a dinner party at Sheraton Addis for relevant bodies and government officials. On the dinner party guests, through extensive deliberation, had digested the aforementioned issues raised on the Brussels summit.//


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