Respecting the call for cooperation Egypt needs respond in kind






On 2 April 2014  Ethiopia had colourfully marked the third year anniversary of the Grand Renaissance Dam (GRD) in a special event held at Guba — Benishangul Gumze Regional State. On the occasion Ethiopians once again had reiterated their unflagging support to the project being irrigated by citizens’ financial support.




In a press statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made in connection with the event it underscored that respecting and giving ear to Ethiopia’s call for fraternity and cooperation Egypt need give a proportionate and appropriate response.




Spokesperson of the Ministry Dina Mufti noted Egyptians must abstain from dishing out statements against the dam in a bid to hoodwink the international community.




Aside from the economic benefit it promises,the Ethiopian renaissance dam being built with the catch phrase “As we had set to it ,we shall see to it!” GRD has turned an embodiment of a national feeling and self confidence.




Times beyond number stressing GRD being built on a win-win spirit has no negative impact on lower riparian countries, the government of Ethiopia had made everything it can so that its Egyptian counterparts sit rest assured on that score. Yet less true Egyptians have made it a point fabricating fallacious assertions about the dam.




Up on celebrating the 3rd birthday of the GRD it behooves Ethiopia to convey to the international community that the dam is in the benefit of Egyptians and the propaganda war some Egyptians embarked on is uncalled for .


It also behooves Ethiopia to convey it is unbecoming of Egypt to claim the whole trans-boundary river not heeding poor people of the region badly in need of hydro power that could serve a lifeblood to the industries they built and also envisage to build in an effort to join the ranks of the self sufficient. Such claim on their part is unjust if not uncouth.




The Ethiopian government is on duty bound to ask the international community to talk Egyptian leaders, who are getting off the right track, back into the tripartite negotiating agreement.




The GRD is proved free of repercussions. Rather the International Panel of Experts and some less emotionally charged Egyptian experts who give analysis with cool head enumerate the manifold benefit GRD has for Egyptians.


They capitalize GRD’s significance for conserving water. They emphasize its importance in containing flood and warding off sedimentation related problems.


Moreover the environment smart dam is being built as per the dictates of modern technology. Hence pertaining to its reliability there is no room for speculation and mental gymnastics.




Opposite to what the Egyptian politicians think the Ethiopian government has a strong interest to see a prosperous and stable Egypt. Ethiopia has no intention of pushing Egypt out of its comfort zone. Ethiopia is set on building the dam as it is the sole way out of poverty and thwarting dependency syndrome. Apart from leveraging the country’s growth the GRD project contributes to Egypt’s and regional growth. It therefore goes without saying the project is one that deserves international support.




As the renaissance dam picks pace the slanders being hurled by Egyptian politicians is seen increasing. They cry foul desperate if the GRD is executed at this pace it could shortly see the light of day. Ethiopia is not expected to act accordingly but it will keep on pursuing its righteous course in the diplomatic sphere.




Egypt could show or express its official stance after the election it is going to hold the coming May. The incumbent Egyptian leaders could obviously use the dam for political consumption. Yet when the need for clearing issues arises Ethiopia will give timely and appropriate response.




It is to b e recalled that most opposition party members were dubbing the GRD as a pipe-dream project. Regarding some opposition party memnbers who are showing a bent to lend a hand to its actualization task, which Ethiopia is vigorously pursuing, the government is willing to take them on board as they are part of the society at the foremost end of the project. The government is willing to embrace them as the dam is also their agenda too.




Some harbor apprehension about the military agreement South Sudan signed with Egypt. But according to the Ministry of Information the agreement has nothing to do with the GRD. Rather South Sudan has openly expressed that it is in favor of the dam, which holds promise in store for it too.




The rumor mill has it that Ethiopians in Kuwait may face a similar problem as experienced by Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia. Yet no tangible measure to this effect is detected. However the government of Ethiopia is closely following developments,said Dina.




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