Great Tiding

Great Tiding

Blue Nile echo from shore to shore,

“Poverty in Ethiopia is no more!”

Above all,

From a precipice

       To a valley when you majestically fall,

Thunderous over

The damp dell, mountain gorge when you roll,

As usual

With green, yellow and red

Rainbow arched,

Tell Ethiopia loud-

“You children thee very much adore,

A lip service they now abhor!

‘Blue Nile has no lodging,

Yet it loafs a log hauling.’ ”

Blue Nile, about your deeds to talk

Breathtaking, you served well

The industry without smoke,

But now you have an extra work!




Ethiopia will be electrified,

With Blue Nile,


                             Tekeze… at hand!

Every nook and cranny will get light,

When efforts Ethiopians unite!

The future will be bright,

When a tamed Blue Nile ceases

Unchecked to roar past

Without a respite.

No energy source runs waste

Nor any Plant will suffer a blackout!

Lo and behold Blue Nile will be subdued

For riparian countries’ good!

To contribute a brick,

Ethiopians twice you shouldn’t think.


Farmers have mounted on a peaceful battle,

To cover the catchment with a green mantle,

To make terrain

                          On each mountain

Take every pain.

To afforest the depleted f o r e s t!

Thus washing on its sway,

Blue Nile conspires no more

To carry alluvial soil away.

Here of course it is good to recall

The message of Emperor Twedrose.

Dear guests you are

Amidst people hospitable

Welcome, welcome

Feel at home!

Roam throughout

Abyssinia you might,

On its grandeur your eyes

You can feast.

The vast array of

Mouthwatering dish,

The country parades

You could relish.

In case you wish

For an adventure,

Still Ethiopia

Is a mosaic of culture!

Of course

It will grab your attention,

Ethiopia’s being

A cradle of mankind

And ancient civilization.

You will see

To its music titillating,

Comes close nothing!

Moreover fails not

To draw your attention,

The affection

Among people hailing from

Different nationalities  and religion.

But you can’t transport a speck of dust,

Alighted or pasted on your shoe by accident!

So to get an exit,

Shake off your shoe and wash your feet!”


Giving to every dust attention

It is possible to ward off

The problem of siltation.

Besides don’t you think

The forests serve a carbon sink?

 Blue Nile echo from shore to shore

“Poverty in Ethiopia is no more!”

As though Abyssinia,

Africa’s water tower

Is a weakling with no power,

On every news hour,

Portraying Ethiopia

A development backwater,

Also scornfully on a dictionary

Painting its people thirsty and hungry

Have no grounds any!

From a rain fed agriculture

Head on

Making a paradigm shift,

Irrigation when Ethiopia further adopt,

The vicious cycle of drought,

Which pose a threat

To its development,

Will give way to a bumper harvest,

Once more rendering Ethiopia

A  cornucopia.


Ethiopians be not cool,

Be not cool

Resources to pool!

Lo and behold Blue Nile will be subdued

For riparian countries’ good!


Yet, yet hanging up together

Be high on the alert

Any aggressor to deter!

Many are

Who wear a frowning face,

When development

In Ethiopia picks pace!

Keep open your eyes,

Keep open your eyes

At all time, all space

Where infrastructures

Are put in place.


To the helm of development

Ethiopia will soon catapult,

When its children

In full harness their resources put.

So cognizant of this fact,

Ethiopians allow not

The grass to grow under your feet.

Don’t wait

Behind the campaign

To throw your full weight!


For work, roll up your sleeve

Ready for ‘The Renaissance Dam’

Your sweat







And life to give.

March out for prosperity

In Ethiopia to thrive,

What we need have

Is a bond-cohesive


Go all out, go all out,

Us, lucky we have to count

For seizing such a ripe moment.


 Blue Nile echo from shore

“Poverty in Ethiopia is no more!”

Come-on let us not beg to differ,

Of course we could concur,

For all of us will agree,

Our pet dream is to see,

Ethiopia industrialized

Completely transformed!

Laying the foundation,

Where on takes off

The future generation,

Is what begs for

Central attention.


Why, Why and Why,

With our hands

Tucked in our pockets,

You and I

Remain standers by?

Also why

Simply watch the clouds

Glide across the sky?

Must we indeed,

Sowing a discord seed

Allow our rivers run wild,

Turning a blind eye to our need.


Wiseacres, though

You may not be on the same page,

Between stakeholders

Don’t drive a wedge,

The government proves out

Out to fulfill its pledge.


In life it is not hard

To get skeptics,

Dear leaders talk your walk

Walking your talk!

Prove skeptics wrong

Letting them witness

The actualization

Of the dam agog.


Tax payers, if you have

A tax arrear

See it finds its ways to

The government’s coffer.


Taxes being

A development backbone

Must be mysterious to none.

Target  also rent seekers

That drive spokes

In to development wheels.

By AlemHailu(,   M.A in  Literature,




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